Our mission is to provide a home to animals that have been adandoned or abused, to show them what it is to live in a home where they are loved.

Help Us Fund Raise To Build Enclosures - Phase 1

Dogs On The Bed The Wet Nose Rescue
What started out as a foster home, became a real home for animals that simply couldn’t get adopted. With so many rescues looking for homes I decided I was going to offer animals a home instead of looking for one. Now we have 16 dogs and 13 cats but as a single person this number is impossible. Not for them! They just hope on the bed and position themselves! 

Poles in the holes The Wet Nose Rescue
So together with a great team I worked out ways to divide my garden to create runs for the dogs so I could keep the big ones away from the small ones and the strong ones away from the weak ones. Each run is about 100 square metres.   And that way I could go to work knowing that each had their own space, they couldn’t get put into the street and their wouldn’t be dog fights over silly things like toys and bones. 

We received a lot of donations for materials and a volunteer to help me start the work.
Fence posts, corrugated iron, wooden slats, old wooden work benches, donated by Debby and Chris Lovelace and Toni Giesbrecht in Atenas.
About 30 metres of chain link fence which was enough to complete phase 1!

It was so slow and having 16 dogs divided into bedrooms in my house was driving me insane. I spend 4-5 hours a day cleaning and preparing food etc. I was exhausted and getting desperate. Not having enclosures where I knew my dogs were safe meant using my house as their shelter and the rooms as enclosures. Coming home after a long day at work meant switching dogs around (because some just don't get along with others) and cleaning and disinfecting the entire house. There was no room unaffected!

At this point I received some cash to pay someone to work solidly on the project and I realised that I was helping me, helping dogs and also helping this man who got to take home some money to his family. 

The costs have been surprising. I needed a 50 metre 220 extension to be able to weld that far away from the house - $150, discs for the angle grinder, bolts, extra drill bits for metal, industrial stapler, repairs for the welding machine, sacks and sacks of cement… And the list went on and on adding up slowly but surely with the donations I was getting hardly covering any of it. So I started pulling cash out of my pocket and neglected my usual payments, leaving me with lots of accounts unpaid, neglected appliances and now I have 3 major appliances not in working order. Living without a fridge, washer and dryer for the sake of getting these enclosures up seemed like a stretch. 

Starting With The Fence The Wet Nose Rescue
We have three enclosures set up. Here Luis is busy welding the chain link fence onto the posts and stretch it as far as he can. We created 3 enclosures and a passageway with 2 on one side and one on the other. This is in our orchid so the dogs have plenty shade in hot days.

Each enclosure has a double gate. Right now only one gate is on while we wait to see how much of the material we have left.  The gate complete with clasp

The fence is coming down Because it actually doesn’t work to keep the dogs in at all. many of them can squeeze through the slats and it was so easy for them to dig a hole and they would all just slip through. 

The Fence We want The Wet Nose Rescue
The idea is to use sheets of zinc using the concepts from these two pictures.

Instead if using the chicken wire the idea is to use the wooden slats as in the above picture.

Here is our work in progress

Each enclosure is going to have a set of 4 or 6 kennels. The idea is not to close the dogs in here but rather to give each dog their own space to relax, eat or just be on their own to chew a bone. It’s also about making sure that they have shelter in the rain. I want the kennels to be slightly off the ground for a variety of reasons. Firstly in case of snakes. I want to be 100% sure that a snake will not go in there. I want to be able to move them at a later stage of necessary. And I also don’t want the grass to die. My garden has suffered enough though all of this and it’s one of the things that the dogs really love - running circles on the lawn! 

So now you have a good idea as to where we are heading but we need man power and cash to pay for it as well as accessories such as nuts, bolts, drill bits, power cables and repairs.

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