Our mission is to provide a home to animals that have been adandoned or abused, to show them what it is to live in a home where they are loved.


Volunteer Opportunities

We will make a deal with you, we will do the really hard part, we will open our home to the animals on the streets, feed them, give out any meds that need to be taken and pour love and affection onto them. If you could give us a hand it will help us to be there even more for the animals in our care. Every small action is part of the team work.

Volunteering doesn't mean you need to be a qualified vet to step in. We need all kinds of volunteers at The Wet Nose.

If you have a car and some free time you can help us to pick up animals to get them either to use or to the vet. Sometimes ther animals already at The Wet Nose need to be seen by the vet. It may simply be an errand that we need help with.

Dog walks
While the cats are usually laid back, the dogs do enjoy interacting with people and they love to get out to stretch their legs and sniff the street lamp posts for the umpteenth time.

Playing with puppies
The puppies don't always get to out for walks until they have had all their vaccines but they can always benefit from being played with. This gets them used to people and makes them a lot easier to find homes for.

We always need good pictures of the animals in our care. The better the pictures the easier it is for us to get the word out and get them adopted.

Flight parents
Many Costa Rican street dogs have had the fortune of finding homes in other parts of the world and we get ready all the paperwork to make sure that their new journey has a successful start. As a flight parent you take responsibility for the animal during the flight, for getting them on board and uniting them with their new families on the other side.

Dog training
All of the dogs at The Wet Nose have had some exposure to basic training, some more than others. You do not need to be a dog trainer to get involved in this area. We will train you! The point of the training is to practice basic commands with the dogs. This makes them easier to handle when we go to events and also helps to get them adopted. Especially the larger breed dogs!

One of the things that takes the highest toll when you have a lot of dogs and cats running around is the garden and when you are running a rescue the garden is the first to be neglected. Be it pulling out weeds, cleaning up the poop, planting flowers, cutting grass, you name it, the garden is a never ending black hole of things that need to be done.

Having a lot of dogs and cats can be tough and making sure that the animals have their own space can go a long way towards maintaining the sanity. Building kennels, putting up fences, fixing holes in fences, creating shelters are amoung some of the things tht we regularly need help with.

Its a fact, I have never seen a dog clean up after himself, muddy paws on the ceramics? It's all the same to him. My life long dream has been to train dogs to clean, but since they seem to refuse we could use all the help we can get! Spraying down the tiles or cement blocks, shaking out blankets and washing them, replacing them with new blankets, washing food and water bowls, the list goes on.

Maintenace & Repair
Yes! At The Wet Nose we need a fridge for storing dog food and medicine. We need a stove to cook the extra rice that goes into their meal and we need a washing machine and dryer for wahing and drying the enormous amounts of blankets that need to be washed so that all the doggies can live in hygenic conditions.