Our mission is to provide a home to animals that have been adandoned or abused, to show them what it is to live in a home where they are loved.


What started out as a foster home soon became a rescue centre based on a rehabilitation model. Here at The Wet Nose our main goal is to rehabilitate rescued animals, giving them a home, creating bonds with humans and making them adoptable and adaptable.

The dogs that come to us all get trained and taught basic commands such as sit, come, etc. They are taught to socialise with other dogs as well as cats if it is possible. They are given a routine and as well as healthy food to get them back on track again.

The dogs and cats at The Wet Nose do not live in cages, they live in our home. Our goal is to extend our home and include a space for volunteers as well to give the animals a sense of being in a homely, caring environment.

Our focus on rehabilitation not only depends on the environment, but also on the food they are given. Despite being a charity we do our best to offer them the very best quality food with a high protein content and free from harmful ingredients such as corn starch.

Who is this 'we' that is always referred to?

Meet the people behind the name: Ashleigh, Chloe and Storm. I am Ashleigh, mother to Chloe and Storm. And together we are the 3 people behind The Wet Nose Rescue. When dogs need to be trained, we train them, when cat litter trays need to be cleaned, we are cleaning them, when we need volunteers to help us out, it is the 3 of us that need a hand.

Originally from South Africa, we came to live in Costa Rica in 2011. What we didn't know was that Costa Rica was going to become our home and that we were going to do a lot of very important work. While I, Ashleigh, am the main driving force behind this project, without the help of Chloe and Storm I wouldn't be able to do this. Without the help of volunteers our hands would be full and our ability to help limited.

Our Home

Meet The Residents!

None of the animals at the Wet Nose live in cages, they all live in a home with lots of other animals. Each one has needs to be met, for example, food, flea and tick control, etc. If you would like to sponsor any one of the residents, open the page of the corresponding animal and click on the 'SPONSOR' button and we will add your name as an official sponsor on that page! Remember to send us the proof of payment so we can allocate the funds correctly.

How You Can Help The Wet Nose