Our mission is to provide a home to animals that have been adandoned or abused, to show them what it is to live in a home where they are loved.

Scruffy is the resident Acapulqueño, rescued straight out of Mexico on the streets of Acapulco. We found him at a small stop just outside the toll gates on our way to enjoy a weekend of sun and sand in Acapulco. I went to go and pick him up and worried he would bite me, I hesitated and when I saw that the poor little guy had hardly any hair and just looked exhausted I couldn't help it, I took him back to the car with me and our journey began.

I picked up some supplies at the closest pharmacy and got him washed at a nearby vet where we discussed some pet friendly hotels. In the end we decided that because of his condition he may actually be denied entry regardless of pet friendly status and snuck him into the hotel.

Scruffy spent the entire weekend sleeping and eating and basically doing nothing at all except recovering. We found a vet that was prepared to take him in. I paid for a good part of his treatment up front and promised to be back for him. 6 weeks later I brought the then 4 month old back to Costa Rica on the plane with me and Scruufy lives up to his name.

Scruffy has a 'secretly in love with everyone' disposition. He is sweet as sugar and will come up behind you to show his appreciation with a couple of licks on the cheek.

In a group of excited dogs, Scruffy takes a back seat and waits to be petted or to be given his treat.

During training Scruffy is incredibly attentive, he follows commands well, catches onto new commands and thoroughly enjoys training. He perks up his ears and follows you with his eyes waiting for your next move. He is much the same when he is waiting for his food.

With other dogs Scruffy has an interesting disposition. Scruffy must have spent quite some time on the streets so it is interesting that he actually looks for trouble. Gizmo and Scruffy arrived at the same time and quickly became best friends. This intense friendship turned into heated arguing more than a couple of times and Scruffy refused to back down to Gizmo even though Gizmo definitely had the advantage.

For a long time there was rivalry between the two dogs and they never quite settled back into their best friend routine, until recently. We kept them separated as much as we could knowing it was possibly the best way to manage the peace and outbreak of fights.Scruffy also has a habit of participating very heavily in the barking matches with the neighbours dogs and when there is a real fight Scruffy goes very quickly from cool to seeing red,

Scruffy is very intimidated by Max and in turn really gives Mota a hard time, even though he doesn't attack her she often runs off yelping.

Scruffy is one of the very last to get his plate of food handed to him and he is very aware of his place in the sequence and gets very excited when his turn is coming, proof of his high intelligence!

The dogs love to sing as a group. Scruffy is one of the most difficult to calm down and it often takes singling him out with those of eye contact to get him to snap out of it.

Scruffers likes to sleep on the bed but positions himself on the very edge of the very end so that Max won't notice and try and chase him off. He doesn't spend all night there because he gets quite hot with that unruly coat of his.

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