Our mission is to provide a home to animals that have been adandoned or abused, to show them what it is to live in a home where they are loved.

We don't know Paz's story, all we can tell is that it must have been awful. She was found brutally run over and left on the side of the road. Someone picked her up and took her to the local vet in Atenas. Animales Atenas picked up the tab and made a decision to amputate her leg instead of putting in pins.

Dora from Animales Atenas called me and said she had an emergency, she needed to get 2 dogs out of the vet. I was able to help for a week. Arriving at the vet Paz's body was half shaved with stitches still in. The vet assistant showed me how to pick her up and as I did she urinated all over the floor. In hindsight I realised it was pure terror,

Arriving at home she refused to get out of the car. My daughter had a lightbulb moment and used paté to lure her out. Paz fell in love with Storm from that moment on.

A week went by and we found a new foster home for Paz. Her first night there was uneventful however in the morning the apparently squeezed out of a fully fenced concrete yard cone and all and had disappeared. Reports were being sent in to Animales Atenas throughout the morning and by the time I got back from work Paz had still not been found and we began our fruitless search that ended well past night time.

Reports of Paz slowed right down. She had apparently dodged 8 people, some of whom who had run after her, some as far as 3 kilometres before losing sight of her. We heard nothing more about Paz's where abouts until the following day in the afternoon. We rushed right over, I took Storm and we found her, cone and all, sitting in an ampty lot behind some houses. Storm went in and called her and Paz went right up to Storm wagging her short little tail and hopping on her 3 legs.

Paz came home with us but she made it very clear that this was her home now and that there were to be no more attempts at finding new foster homes or adopting her out. It took months for her to stop barking at me and to make friends with me. 3 months of training and she finally allowed Luis to touch her chin as he handed her a treat. A full month of live in volunteers before she would go for a walk with Lucas and Flor.

Paz lives permanently at The Wet Nose as dog number 7. She does stir a fair amount of trouble and uses Gizmo as her weapon of mass destruction when she feels uncomfortable with other dogs around. Paz is not only uncomfortable around humans, but dogs as well. She has provoked a good few fights and has also been the subject of Gizmo's aggression. But Paz doesn't know how to pick her battles. When Gizmo gets reprimanded Paz gives him a mouthful for being a bully.

Paz recently had surgery to remove a bladder stone. She was having issues urinating and within about 10 days she was urinating blood. An ultrasound revealed a HUGE bladder stone.

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What does Paz need?

Deworming 7,200 every 3 months
Dog Food 12,500 per month
Flea Control 8,000 per month

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