Our mission is to provide a home to animals that have been adandoned or abused, to show them what it is to live in a home where they are loved.

Harriet was one of 3 little dogs that were reported as abandoned in a house in Puntarenas. The previous tenants had moved out and the new tenants found them when they moved in. She was found along with her sisters Sally and Dely. When we arrived Sally and Dely didn't even get up, but Harriet barked at us the entire time. We scooped up Sally and Dely and tried to catch Harriet. She was going nowhere and she made that clear! She bit Ruby and we decided to give it up. Harriet 1, Ruby 0

Sally and Dely were taken to the vet where they were hospitalised. Dely was Euthanised and sally was sent back to where she had come from. The next day we went to go and get Sally and also Harriet. Harriet was reluctant but we didn't give her a choice this time.

When we arrived home it was very clear that Sally was in no position to argue but Harriet was clearly petrified. They were both in the volunteer room and Harriet escaped. We cornered her and as i picked her up she pooped and peed out of sheer fright. I took her back to the room, gave her some food which she started wolfing down.

At that moment something happened in Harriet's little head. She suddenly realised something. She looked up at me and I saw the realisation of what was happening dawn on her. She left her food bowl in the corner and came up to me, sat on my lap and curled up there, thanking me for getting her out of that situation. From that moment on Harriet has done nothing but she me gratitude.

Sally shortly afterwards was diagnosed with distemper which prompted us to get harriet checked out. She had a couple of patches of missing skin so she was checked for distemper, mange and erlichia. She came out of her vet check with flying colours and was vaccinated a few days later.

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