Our mission is to provide a home to animals that have been adandoned or abused, to show them what it is to live in a home where they are loved.

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The Katira Project is based off an idea of mine to have an external foster home since mine was completely full. When Canela's foster home in Herradura fell through and her puppies were too sick to go to Carla's house, I realised that this was a huge need. During the first 2 weeks of having Canela and pups in my home I found a small house with a decent sized yard in Katira, a small town way off the beaten track where rentals were more than reasonable.

I went to look at the spot and while it was great for my purpose, many things needed to be done to it. It needed a fence, the rooms needed to be painted, the shower needed some renovating, the toilet was missing a cistern lid. Small things that I knew we could manage. On my way home from seeing the property I though that unless I got someone in there, setting it up to be a foster home could be a lengthy process. I started right away asking around if anyone knew someone.

Isabella who lives in San Carlos, was one of the people I asked. She sent me the post that she had seen by Adriana where she was looking for a place to stay for Nancy, an elderly Canadian lady who had zero income and was in desperate need for a place to stay for her and her 6 dogs. After some thought I realised that this could be a win win situation and set about to make arrangements for Nancy to go and stay in Katira.

The conditions were simple. Between Adriana and the community they should put up a fence and pay the utilities each month. I would pay the rent, supply the dog food and vaccinate and deworm Nancy's dogs.

In return Nancy was to agree to help me in emergency foster cases, such as was the case with Canela.

Nancy's Dogs

Katira Fosters

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