Our mission is to provide a home to animals that have been adandoned or abused, to show them what it is to live in a home where they are loved.

Oso is a very funny and goofy dog, we really enjoyed his company and he enjoyed ours. He came to us because the man to whome he belonged came here to volunteer and explained that Oso thought it would be a good idea to feast on the next door neighbour’s chickens and the neighbour didn’t appreciate that so, he decided to threaten Oso’s owner with a riffle. He said that if he didn’t do something about Oso he would take matters into his own hands.

And so he arrived, Oso came and he was very easy going, we like him and he liked us. He was quite an outgoing dog and social as well. We put him in a room and introduced him to the other dogs one by one and the first was of course, Whiskey. One of the last dogs was Clara. Oso and Clara really liked each other, they became best friends. They always played together and sometimes on top of people, but they always had fun together.

Oso is funny and goofy and at the same time annoying because he always wants attention and would go as far as continuously scratching the arm of someone until he gets the rubs he feels he deserves and was prepared to go on the entire day. He also would sit/lie in a very funny way, with his legs spread out on the floor and his front legs facing forward, it was very funny. Sometimes he would sit on the couch on his bum with his front legs between his back legs and it made his tummy look bigger so he looked a bit fatter than normal. While being hilarious, he always thought people wanted to smell his breath (which was quite stinky by the way) and got close to everyone and began to exhale in their faces, ew! He also enjoyed to bark quite a lot when he saw passing dogs on walks.

Oso is an amazing dog, he loves cuddles and rubs, he will not be ashamed to sit on you while you sleep because, strangely that is one of his favorite positions to sleep in… on top of people. He also likes to get into a ball in front of someone while they sleep in a way that you are forced to hug him.

Oso really enjoys snack-y foods like sausages and dog treats, he prefers them more than the actual food he eats! Oso has quite the loose skin and it’s one of the things that make him so funny, he positions himself in such ways that his loose skin and fat just make him look so very odd.

He is also very flexible when it comes to you playing with him, he doesn’t care what you do to him, he'll go with it. When he escapes the house (which he sometimes manages to squish his little fat body through the gate when you open it to go out) all I had to do was catch him and to make he doesn’t go anywhere I just throw him over my shoulders and he just rests there on my back waiting to arrive home and get back on the couch. Although he is quite energetic he very much appreciates having a nap on the top of the backrest of the couch and next to the open window to have a nice breeze go over him. I wouldn’t say he’s lazy but I won’t deny it either.

He recently got adopted and he absolutely loves it there, he is great with the two other dogs that the family that adopted him have! One of them is blind and the other is a lot like him, playful and goofy and so they get along perfectly, he’s very good with other dogs!

Physical description: Oso is a small-medium sized dog with scruffy and crazy hair, his hair is brown in a bunch of different shades. He has a very cute mustache and a bold but big tummy. Oso has a little hair at the top of his head that will never be disappearing, it will always stand out and make him look like a rock guitarist.

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