Our mission is to provide a home to animals that have been adandoned or abused, to show them what it is to live in a home where they are loved.

This room is on the lower level and has a queen sized bed. The room itself is small with not much cupboard space. But it has plenty of light, a fan and a bedside lamp.

Your bathroom is upstairs and is shared with one or 2 other people.

You will be sharing this room with the gingers, which are 3 ginger siblings. Your extra duties will include:

  • Cleaning the cat litter tray
  • Socialising the kitties
  • Keeping the bedroom clean

This room is reserved for those who are prepared to put in extra hours and extra days per week. It includes board and lodging (which is basic vegan food) and one load of washing per week. Additional loads cost 2000 colones.

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